twin in the city

twin in the city

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

oh, the places you'll go...

next week will mark my second month here in florence, italy. after two months of being anywhere, it's only  natural to start to feel "at home." and that's exactly how we feel here in our little italiano apartamento. although i have learned many things the hard way, (like how to dry my undies without an actual dryer, aren't those so great in america?) i wouldn't change a thing thus far on this incredible journey. 

living in a completely different country has taught me a lot of things about the differentiation of culture across the globe, and about myself as a person. i've realized that i LOVE america. i love it. we take so many things for granted back in the states, (especially in nyc, can you say instant gratification?) and being here has taught me what to appreciate and treasure about home. there is no such thing as "hailing a cab" in florence, or much less anywhere in europe. water is not complementary at restaurants, (sometimes it costs more than juice) and milk must be consumed within three days of opening the bottle. waiters often forget about you, but there is no such thing as "tipping" so that sort of evens out ;). italians believe more in layers than they do in actual heat, and there is no such thing as personal space. 

having visited three european countries now, (italy, france, and england) i have noticed that people differ a tremendous amount within a one hour plane ride from each other. the french generally keep to themselves, except for a couple of guys we ran into on the metro that asked us to sing with them. the british are extremely blunt, and will make you cry. (maybe i'm a bit more sensitive on a different continent?) 

i'm visiting places that i've once only dreamed of, and not a day goes by where i don't remind myself how lucky and blessed i am to be here. as i sit here at my kitchen table with my twin sister and my two roomies, i feel a sense of joy and fulfillment i've never felt before. the feeling of wanderlust being fulfilled. 

*photos above are a peek at my apartment view



Daisy said...

yay another blogger! :) Hi megan, I use a Canon t2i :) Nothing special, but it's a pretty good beginners camera :) But you, Laura and I need to grab coffee soon!

megan golden said...

Aw thanks for filling me in! I may invest in a decent camera at some point soon, I've gone long enough without one :) Laura and I would love to meet up! You just say when.