twin in the city

twin in the city

Friday, March 23, 2012

this past week i...

1. welcomed spring
2. rode on the back of a vespa for the first time! (but sadly, i wasn't clenched to an italian babeshow, it was one of my professors that offered me a ride...a woman)
3. decided to stop taking the bus to school
4. ate a baccio or two. 
5. cooked yummy pasta (twin and i sort of love spending time in our kitchen now that we're in italy, who knew)
6. attempted to use photoshop
7. realized it may be getting too warm to sleep with my fuzzy purple blanket from twin's boyfriend  (he's too sweet, really) because of #1 on this list
8. thought and daydreamed a whole lot about summer, and what beautiful things it may bring. 
9. anticipated my weekend getaway to barcelona.

{instagram photo from our local gelateria}

see you monday! happy weekend! 

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