twin in the city

twin in the city

Thursday, April 19, 2012

the 'big apple' of my eye.

i know that i should continue my spring break posts since i still have a bunch of pictures and a few magical stories, but today...i just really miss new york. so i've made a little list of the things i miss most, as a sort of therapy. 

what i miss/love about new york city:

1. brooklyn bagels. to my usual weekend whole grain bagel toasted with olive cream cheese, i don't know how i've gone this long without you. italy only believes in pastries for breakfast, and i'm tired of it.

2. highline park. there's just something about the way you linger over the lower west side of my favorite city. the people you attract. the sunsets i catch from your incredible views. the smiles i've had on you. the way you bring me from midtown to the meatpacking district in what feels like a blink of an eye. you really are something.

3. the park. you are one of my favorite restaurants in nyc, with your eggs benedict and serene atmosphere. the way birds hang out in your indoor trees. oh, and you are located on 17th street which makes you that much more amazing. 

4. chelsea piers. bringing my books to your patches of green grass and taking in the views of near boats  will always be something on my 'favorite things to do' list. 

5. chelsea market. grabbing a milkshake, checking out local sample sales, and browsing the sale room at anthropologie all make for a wonderful weekend afternoon. i can't wait to visit you... every weekend when i'm back. 

6. just salad. you satisfy my cravings for buffalo chicken with your scrumptious wraps! twin and i talk about you at least once a week here in italy. we think you'd go over really big here. 

7. the brooklyn bridge. whether i'm photographing you from a nearby park, catching a nighttime glimpse of your bulbs from across the east river, or walking across you... your overwhelming beauty amazes me. watching the sunset from you isn't too shabby either. (especially overlooking pier 17)

8. fifth avenue. you were the home of my first internship (for an italian designer, how funny) and my first job in nyc. walking your crowded streets to meet twin for lunch or to take a sunny stroll through central park are some of my greatest memories in the city. 

9. taxis. oh how i miss your bright yellow paint and the sound of your obnoxious horns. in italy, people are big on walking everywhere. and biking on the sidewalks. i dodge bikes, cars, buses, and especially vespas on a daily basis. i'd just like a nice comfy and affordable ride to my destination once in a while. 

10. rockefeller center. whether it was running past your ice rink to make it to work on time around the holidays, or bumping into twin while she's on a garment run, you are truly a marvelous place. and you have a just salad. just sayin'.

i can't wait to make more magical memories, and discover new little places in the wondrous streets of nyc. i haven't come across another place that has made me feel the way new york city does. 
{and i sort of hope i never do.}

{this is a room in the standard hotel, located in nyc's meatpacking district. i was reading a few articles about the city last night when i came across this picture. it mesmerized me. how gorgeous is this room/view? maybe it's just me. click to enlarge, and you be the judge.}

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