twin in the city

twin in the city

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

cinque terre.

it may have rained (and maybe even hailed) during our two-night stay in the "five towns," better known as cinque terre. BUT, we tried our absolute best to not let this unfortunate weather ruin our too-short visit. cinque terre consists of five stunning little towns, tucked into elevated rocks, all nestled along the coast of the mediterranean. 

this location leaves these quaint villages vulnerable to ruin, especially during  bad weather, which is the reason two of the towns are still being rebuilt after last fall's mudslides. we expected this news to affect our visit, but are very happy that we were able to step foot on all five of the towns. from right to left, in the order we visited, the towns are: riomaggiore, manarola*, cornignia, vernazza, and monterosso. 

perhaps the one thing that sets these villages apart from others along italy's coast are their coordinating attention to color. each building is painted a different shade, ranging from vidid teal to mustard yellow, and from a distance, are beautiful enough to take your breath away (no kidding). these towns are connected by trail, boat, and most accessibly by train.

{*manarola is the town we stayed in. we believe it was the most beautiful, and recommend it!}

here are a few photos i snapped during our stay:

the view of manarola from our balcony.
our bed and breakfast came with the cutest breakfast which included nutella and croissants! 

this was the second best spaghetti dish i've had since living in italy. (first is at borgo antico in florence)
the path connecting riomaggiore to manarola, via dell'amore, was covered in locks, said to "lock in love" of all the lovers who have visited the villages. how sweet, right?
laura and her boyfriend ben, two little lovers on lover's lane.

the pigeons were even in love. i swear, this place...
and then twin made a fashion statement with an umbrella.
looking at manarola from corniglia.
me on the left, laura on the right. twins loving cinque terre.
and then...the sun came out!

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