twin in the city

twin in the city

Monday, April 23, 2012


 one word for eze?


 this medieval village located along the french riviera quickly became my favorite spot during spring break, and quite possibly my favorite spot ever (excluding disney world). i've come to the conclusion that walt disney and i have a lot in common. his love and belief in magic, his never ending imagination, and his passion for such an irresistible place. it is said that walt spent a considerable amount of time in eze, and even helped to shape what the village is today. 

with the mediterranean sea as its backdrop, four-hundred-twenty-nine meters in the sky sits this quaint village, resembling a castle from a distance. walking up the narrow cobblestone paths and passing cute little shops build into 14th century stone was a feeling unlike any other. shops with local jewelry, hotels full of honeymooners, and galleries with their artists present all seemed to pull me in, with every mystifying turn i took. 

although the sun wasn't with us this day, i believe the beauty of eze shines through ;) 
 eze, pronounced by the french as 'ez,' used to be pronounced 'eza,' 
the way italains still pronounce it.
 map of eze. 
 the very top of the village was home to an unbelievable number of cacti. 
very, very happy to have made it to the top!

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