twin in the city

twin in the city

Friday, April 20, 2012


after greece, the next stop on my spring break was the french riviera. my sister laura, her boyfriend ben, and our friend hilary stayed in one of europe's best hostels, a place ben had stayed before, too. 

here are some photos from our wonderful seaside trip to nice:

this was the view from our room.
 twin and teal.
 twin and me with seashore smiles.
                           france's largest flower market. and climbing up to 'castle hill.'
an afternoon nutella crepe, obviously. 
 how incredibly gorgeous is the water? the airport was inches off the beach, so we got to watch the planes land as we hiked to see greater views.
 how funny that this castle hill reminded me of the one at home.
one distant little sailboat. talk about bliss.

xo, m.

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