twin in the city

twin in the city

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"the sandwich lady."

for those of you who don't live in florence, i'm terribly sorry that you are not familiar with "the sandwich lady." 

found in piazza mercato centrale, this woman, who might very well be an angel, works at this little sandwich shop, in which she creates the most delicious, out-of-this-world sandwiches. i may or may not have gone three times this week. but the way i see it is, if i'm going to eat a sandwich, it might as well be one that she makes.

my sandwich of choice is the "american student," (how funny) which includes spicy salami, pecorino cheese, tomato, balsamic, lettuce, and rocket sauce, all on a huge piece focaccia. the rocket sauce is some sort of mayonnaise creation that i just don't question. it's that good. this sandwich shop is literally a hole in the wall, without even a sign out front. this means it's never busy. (good news for me)

thank you to my friend gabriella for introducing me! 

{it was love at first bite.}

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