twin in the city

twin in the city

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

shhhh! (it's a secret.)

last night my friends and i found 'the secret bakery.' we had heard rumors about its location for months now, and decided it was finally time to find it. it's pretty cool... because you can actually sniff it out! with a little help from some friendly fellow american students, we followed our little noses down a couple streets and around a couple corners and...voila! a group of people were standing outside, patiently waiting for their turn to make an order. 

apparently the kids we asked for directions were regulars because we got to cut the line! i'd have to say i was a little scared though, there was a constant 'shhhhhh!' humming through the mass of people, because this bakery really has to stay a secret. we even heard that if you make too much noise, the workers dump water on your head from nearby windows! i wasn't going to take that risk. so i stayed perfectly silent, anxiously waiting for my fresh chocolate pastry. and let me tell you, it was good

we will be returning very soon, secret bakery. and don't worry...
 your secret is safe with us.

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Anonymous said...

You're even sweeter than that croissant :)