twin in the city

twin in the city

Saturday, April 14, 2012

spring (not so) break.

the past ten days have been tiring, surprising, amusing, beautiful, colorful, and full of magic. by last night, it's safe to say i was the most exhausted i've been in my entire life. any sort of chair or wall would suffice for a reasonable place to sleep, and that's basically what i did on our seven hour journey home from france. with short stops over the past week and a half, i've visited a number of countries, provinces, cities, and seas that i am SO happy to have seen. currently, our apartment (especially my bedroom) is in dire need of some attention. but guess what? it's not on this girl's agenda today. so...smallville episodes, naps, and twin cuddles it is.
{here's a photo i took of via dell'amore, lover's lane in cinque terre}


twin said...


remember when Ben mailed up season's of smallville and we would cuddle in our ikea beds and shut the shutters so it was pitch black in our italian bedroom and watch episode after episode and only get up for the occasional spoonful of nutella, that most of the time we would end up eating in bed? yeah...those were the best days :)



megan golden said...

of course i remember. and those were the best days.