twin in the city

twin in the city

Friday, May 4, 2012

the amalfi coast.

this past weekend we took a little trip to italy's amalfi coast, and visited the charming towns of sorrento, capri, and positano. 

{here are a few photos from our getaway}
 that mountain in the distance is mount vesuvius. 
 about to enter the blue grotto.
 scared after getting hit in the head with the oar.
 you have to duck to even get in. one second you're outside...and the next your boat is pulled into this unbelievable cave. and instantly, the water is glowing. 
 this is the famous bacio "kissing" hole. it's good luck to share a smooch when you ride through!
 see that natural formation behind the gate that looks strikingly like mother mary? crazy.
 handmade, made to order sandals.
 this "lift" was my favorite part of our weekend trip. you hop on and it takes you for a ten minute ride to the top of capri island.
 and...view from the top. remember that bacio hole? ;)
we had a beautiful time on the amalfi coast. i'm sad our little trips are coming to an end!

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