twin in the city

twin in the city

Saturday, May 19, 2012


for some, distance can be an identifier, a measure of feelings. it can make you, or break you. it's not something we often think about, but distance plays a large role in our lives. it proves us, strengthens us, or makes us crumble. it determines, wearies, or completely gets in the way of relationships. i've watched my sister deal with distance for almost two years now, and i'd have to say she's a pro. since we study in new york city, and her boyfriend lives in boston, summer and christmas are the only times when they really get to spend good time together. her relationship with her boyfriend is basically built around distance...very rarely is it, 'time means nothing,' and too rarely is it counting days left together, or counting the days until seeing each other again. seeing her face light up when he calls, and her pace the floor while talking to him, that makes it all worth it. she gets to dream of what it will be like when they are together again. even though there are miles between them, they seem so close, 
and prove their distance is only physical.

yesterday my sister, brother, and i took a train into rome, to meet up with our parents at the strike of noon. our parents have been cruising the mediterranean for a week now, with the intent of this meeting on this day. up until yesterday, the thought of seeing my parents again seemed so far away, and so foreign. it was the type of thing where i knew i wouldn't believe it until it was right in front of me, and i had no clue how i was going to react when i'd see their faces again. so noon came, and we stood in front of the vatican, and they were nowhere to be seen. my eyes kept scanning the massive area. i pondered how they would look, and what it would be like when they finally were here. and then a moment later, i heard my sister gasp and immediately turned my head, to see my parents ten feet away. i'd never seen them look so happy. i ran for our dad while laura ran for our mom, and within seconds, my face was pressed against his chest while he said, 'hi my baby.' my slow tears turned into a steady sob, while my parents sandwiched their twins between them. i looked at laura, she looked at me. we missed them so much.
{me, dad, laura.}

you don't know what you really have until it's stripped from you. and sometimes, it's so important for this to happen. i'm thankful that it happened to me at this point in my life, because i don't think it would have had such a great effect on me, if it happened any sooner. being away makes you realize the things you love, miss, and can't live without. it leaves you with a completely new perspective, and humbles you in a way that nothing else can. 

 the way i see it is, distance makes everything worth it. without it, we wouldn't know how vital time truly is, and how important it is to not take people or places for granted. when the clock ticks...that's when we really know what matters to us. that's when we know most what we want.  

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Anonymous said...

this leaves me speechless every time i read it. it's pretty incredible, meg.

megan golden said...

thank you for being such a warm inspiration in my life :)

Laura said...

I would say we had another "Rome" moment on Sunday night. So amazing to get to feel all of these things with you.

Never forget - Your writing means something.