twin in the city

twin in the city

Thursday, May 31, 2012


at approximately 8:13 (boston time) last night, twin and i arrived home. as we descended through the pink clouds, illuminated by the sunset over the boston skyline, i could not believe it. we had made it home. after a day of flying (which i happen to be terrified of), the plane's wheels touched down and we were back in america. after that moment, everything felt so surreal. rolling our heavy slew of bags around for the last time...our days of travel ending...seeing our family and knowing we were here to stay? what could be better. the moment we got home and i stepped out of the car (with flowers in hand, thanks to laura's boyfriend!) i breathed in the familiar warm summer air, heard the hush of nearby crickets and everything seemed so perfect in that moment, once again. 

i know that this summer is going to be different from past ones, a couple of the reasons being my new job in boston (yay!) and a six week online summer course (boo), but i've come home with a new sense of maturity and a greater feeling of who i am. don't get me wrong, i still have A LOT to figure out, but i feel that i'm at a place where i'm content in that. 

currently, i have more things to do than i can sort in my brain, but i feel my only importances are resting and finishing this book i started on the plane. on one of our days in dublin, call us crazy, but twin and i went to the movies. we had been wanting to see the movie for months now, and were finally in a country where movie theaters were showing english. there was only one other person in the theater, which made the experience even more personal. it's a lovely story, and one that i highly recommend. 

so, it's back to reality. what will be made of this summer? of my life, now that i'm back home? 
i'm pretty sure i'll be taking a few notes ;)

{p.s. i have SO much to still share, about my last weeks abroad, 
and many pictures to go along with it, too. }

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Be a few fresh experiences.