twin in the city

twin in the city

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a little tumble.

it's funny and sometimes completely unfortunate how timing works. i have been patiently awaiting tomorrow because it's when my brother arrives! and two days after, we have plans to meet my parents in rome, as they are currently cruising the mediterranean. so why did today have to be the day when i sprain my ankle, frantically running across the cobblestone streets of florence? 

my sister and i were running out to buy some cleaning supplies since we need to pack up our little apartment this week. as we were crossing the street, my left foot got stuck in a gap where a stone used to be. i heard a loud snap and yelled in agony as i leaped to the sidewalk. as laura was asking me if i was okay, i said 'no, no i'm not,' and at that moment lost my vision and immediately felt that i was going to pass out. i told her i was about to faint and at that moment she threw the paper towels and whisked me up off my feet, running me back to our apartment. i sat in the entry way in horrifying pain, certain my foot was broken. the pain was throbbing. 

laura ran to get our roommates but i told her i did not want an ambulance. i said i would rather drag myself to the hospital than be the reason those obnoxious sirens were buzzing around the city. we decided we would try to get a taxi. so laura and our two roommates trotted me to the taxi stand where no taxis were in sight, but luckily a tourist who happened to be a nurse took a look at my foot. he said it was most likely a sprain, and instructed me to rest and make sure the pain doesn't worsen.

so i'm currently stuck in my bed, hoping this will miraculously go away. 
i don't want to be on crutches for my family's long-awaited visit! :( 

i hope your tuesday has been better than mine! 

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