twin in the city

twin in the city

Thursday, May 17, 2012

when brother came to firenze.

my brother may not think italians are the most hospitable (after overbooking his hotel room and sending him to a different one down the street), but with the amount of photos he has stopped to take, i think it's safe to say he just might love this place. every time he sees the duomo, no matter where he is in the city, he HAS to stop and take a picture of it. he's just fascinated by it. it's so adorable. 
and he's been spoiling us too, which we aren't complaining about. it's been really nice having another 'golden' around, and having the ability to show him what we believe are florence's treasures. 

tomorrow morning we all head to rome, to meet up with momma and papa golden. 
i can't put into words how excited i am to see them. it's been too long. 

laura and brother patrick. 
this is where we ate dinner last night. positively one of florence's gems.
 brother took one bite of his pasta and said 'this is excellent!' he never says that. 
brother and i, hanging out with the ponte vecchio. 

twin needs this chair.
brother, we love you. we hope the next four days go by really slow. 

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