twin in the city

twin in the city

Thursday, June 21, 2012

a birthday for best friend.

i don't know what it is about summer birthdays...could it be the gorgeous weather? the possibility to celebrate outdoors? or the opportunity to wear a skirt without tights? the thought of a summer birthday has always sent warm fuzzies to my heart. and the thought of having my own birthday in the summer? well now i'm just dreaming. no matter what i do, my brisk autumn four-days-from-halloween birthday will never move to june, july, or august. least i get to celebrate summer birthdays year after year with some of my favorite people. ahem, best friend. every year when you turn my age eight months after me, it astounds me. i can never seem to believe that i am the older one! everything about you is so mature, and you always seem to be the one giving me advice. you're wise, and beautiful, and terribly funny. 
remember when we went away to college together and video chatted from dorm to dorm?
remember when we lied to our parents and said we were going on a camping trip when we really ran away to new hampshire and were rebels on that fourth of july weekend?
remember when we candidly posed in the sand?
remember when you came to visit twin and i after our big move to new york city?
remember when you taught me 'pizza and french fries' on the bunny slope?
remember those late night summer walks through newburyport? (oh wait, we had one last week)
remember when we hiked that little mountain?
remember when you welcomed us home from europe?

i'll never forget it. 

to my partner in crime for the past fifteen years:
here's to making more unbelievable memories. 
i love you.
happy birthday. (22! wa-hoo!)

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Anonymous said...

I love you with all my heart <3 Megan and nothing could ever change that. - C