twin in the city

twin in the city

Thursday, June 28, 2012

a little look in megan's mind.

as i sit here and listen to the crickets chirp outside my bedroom window, i realize something. it's summer. this is the time of year that i wait for...all year. i dream of the warm nights, the dim lit strolls along newburyport's board walk, and the trips to my favorite local restaurants with good friends. since i have been so preoccupied lately with my new job and the summer course i'm taking, i really haven't stopped to think about how good life is. right now. right this minute. for all those months that i was away in europe, i shut my eyes at night and dreamt of this night. a night when i'm home. and i am so lucky to call this place home.

the course i am taking ends in four short days, and let me tell you, i'm throwing a party in it's ending honor. this is the first summer where i've worked a (somewhat) serious job that requires a commute, and also the first time i've taken a class outside of a normal semester. i feel like an adult. maybe i want to sleep in. maybe i want to lounge around all day in my pj's. maybe i miss not having an agenda. is that bad? i'm twenty-two. i'm supposed to be a college graduate at this point, with a big girl job. for some reason i just can't picture myself in a normal, adult, nine-to-five work setting. and i honestly don't know if i will ever be able to make myself obtain a job of that sort. my dreams, and the type of job i want to fulfill, is a type that not many chase. it's the type of job that pushed me to study in the heart of new york city. it's the type of job that drives my parents crazy. it's the type of job that speeds my pulse and widens my smile. it's the type of job that not many think i can do. but guess what?

i will.
and that's a promise.

p.s. it feels incredible to write again. i'm back.

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Anonymous said...

God I love you. I got chills.

- twin