twin in the city

twin in the city

Monday, June 4, 2012

a night full of hugs, love, and surprise.

on friday night, laura's boyfriend picked us up and drove us to his house, where we had an inkling that something maybe, sort of, possibly could be going on. we had heard a few whispers the day before, so twin and i played it safe by wearing cute outfits and maybe even wedges. we are fashion students after all, and have a reputation to uphold... ;) when we arrived at ben's home, a few familiar cars were in the driveway, and suddenly my nerves turned to happy butterflies. i could tell we were going to have an unforgettable night ahead of us. 
long, much needed hugs were exchanged as our dearest friends continued to walk through ben's door. as a night full of hysterical conversation, gigantic smiles, and great music rolled on, i couldn't imagine feelings any happier than the ones that i felt. it had been so long...too long without these beautiful people that i am blessed and lucky to call my friends. 


while twin and i were lost on italian tangents, we barely noticed laura's boyfriend leave. it wasn't until i heard commotion a little while after that i realized where he pick up our friend kenny from the bus station! kenny, along with his lovely friend olivia, made the trek from new york, just for us. seven hours on a bus. just. for. us. friends don't come any better than that. do you know the feeling of total, sheer, and complete surprise? how about when it's the most incredible surprise you could imagine?
yeah. that's how i felt. 

the happiest of tears filled my eyes as kenny continued to hug us. i could not believe he came all that way...for us. i still can't believe it. and the best part? he stayed all weekend!
 missed you so much, jake and mel!
you can tell from this photo that kenny doesn't waste any time making friends.
our friend adam arrived shortly after, and after a few more tears, the room felt so complete. a night all too similar to this one had happened a couple summers back, where a huge cake fight went down. the blue frosting from that cake fight can still be spotted in nooks and crevices throughout ben's kitchen. so it was inevitable that the cake with these twin's little faces on it would end up everywhere. (i secretly love cake fights, and may even be part of the blame for starting this one. oops!)
at one point in the night, laura came up to me, looked me in the eyes, and uttered, "you're so loved." i'll never forget her whispering those words. it's an incredible feeling knowing that people are there just for you, celebrating you. people who truly care about you. and truly missed you while you were away.

ben, i'll never be able to thank you enough for putting all this together. and to ben's parents for allowing us to host a little get together in their home, you are complete sweethearts. 

*photos (mostly) by jake salley. thanks so much jake! 


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