twin in the city

twin in the city

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

someone turned the big two-five...

i apologize for the confusion this photo may bring, but ben is not my boyfriend. he is twin's. as far as us looking dangerously good together...well that's just a plus. anyway, this guy turned 25 over the weekend! on the 17th to be exact. this happens to be twin's and my favorite number, no wonder we keep him around... :) 

we celebrated with a little gathering on friday night, followed by a boat day on sunday. we ate lots of cake and burgers and beach dogs. we even played some bocce and toasted with some bubbly while our toes were buried in the sand. 

25 may be the silver year, but i would argue that you're gold, ben. golden even ;)

so much love to you. 

{this photo of ben and me was taken in the elevator to the highline park, one of my favorite spots in nyc which i miss dearly!}


Anonymous said...

aw wow meg. this is so so special. ben will be so happy to read it :)


megan golden said...

thank you, twin :)