twin in the city

twin in the city

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


{the city of star-crossed lovers}

before leaving italy, i knew my journey wouldn't feel complete without a trip to verona. maybe because this romantic city is the setting of romeo and juliet's love story, or maybe because i'm completely in love with its name...
in this courtyard, girls leave "letters to juliet," asking for love advice, or for their chance at true love. letters can also be mailed to juliet's house in verona. each and every letter gets a response. over 800 letters are received a day.  
 another popular thing to do in verona is to "lock your love." twin took this opportunity, and now the love she shares will be locked in this beautiful city, forever. 
although the tragic love story of romeo and juliet is believed to be fictitious, this is not entirely the case. two souls, with names that are not confirmed, from rivaling families, did meet and fall in love in verona. the story of the montagues and capulets was first documented by dante, and later adapted by shakespeare into what we now know as one of the most famous plays and love stories of all time. it is believed that shakespeare was the one to name the characters, so it cannot be confirmed that the actual juliet was named juliet, and so on. what's most important is there is ground to the story, and as much truth to it as you wish to believe.

twin, still awe-struck. 

me, matching lake como. 

our time in verona was nothing short of lovely, and it's a place i'm certain i'll return to someday. lock my love for eternity ;)

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