twin in the city

twin in the city

Friday, July 13, 2012

a concert at a castle.

{this girl on the right hoola-hooped her heart out the entire night}

i have mentioned before how wonderful castle hill in ipswich massachusetts is, and how much i missed it while i was abroad. last thursday marked the kick off of the thursday night picnic series, which will follow for the next six weeks. on these lovely summer nights, we pack a blanket, yummy snacks, and a bottle of wine... ready to take in the sunset while enjoying the music and company of good friends.
{thank you twin and ben for always putting a smile on for me!}

last night my best friend corrie and i did something a little different. instead of driving home with twin and her boyfriend, we got a ride on a friend's boat! as we were finding our way to the beach, the remnants of a beautiful sunset left its marks in the night sky. we followed a sandy path down to the shore, and were dazzled by the brightness and number of stars blanketing the sky. other people were on the beach too, each person and boat a distant silhouette. on our ride in, far off fires were sparkling and near waves were splashing as we saw the illuminated little town of newburyport in the distance. and when we got in, we stargazed from rocking chairs.

summer, if you would like to send more nights like this my way, i'd be completely okay with that. :)

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