twin in the city

twin in the city

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

a midnight missing spell.

i know i have mentioned here before that i am really missing nyc, but by golly the missing has gotten worse. it's pretty much on a whole other level now. the walks. the hustle and bustle. the parks. the neighborhoods. the boroughs. the nightlife. the shops. the food. the style. the feeling. 

when it comes to the places that i love, my heart is divided into two parts. part one: home. the other: new york city. it's no surprise to me that "the other" chunk has been growing rapidly since the last time i caught a glimpse of the shiny, stunning, scintillating, sweet, sassy skyline that i love so much. nothing has ever made me feel as alive as that gosh darn city.
as i come into my final year of study in nyc, there is so much that i want to accomplish, experience, and enjoy. i have already made a list of my goals for this upcoming school year, and will not let one slip by. and as for all the years that follow? that list is in the making ;)

{all photos from my last two years in nyc}


p.s. one of my favorite bloggers, emily schuman of cupcakes and cashmere shared this photo of her "summertime sunset manicure" and i think it's just so cool.

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