twin in the city

twin in the city

Sunday, July 15, 2012

a twin scare.

this past friday (the 13th, ahem) twin made an unexpected trip to the hospital. i was out with my best friend when i got the call from laura herself, and that was when best friend and i hurried ourselves to the ER. within minutes, twin was joined by her best friend, her boyfriend, our dad, and myself. (she is very loved.) twin had been experiencing strange, sharp pains in her stomach all day and figured she was having appendicitis. but after five hours, some yucky drinks, and a CAT scan, nothing was evidently wrong with her (yay!) which baffled all of us. 

as my dad, ben, and i were sitting directly outside the room of laura's scan, my dad had a recollection that gave me chills. it made me believe that despite the circumstances, everything does happen for a reason. he told me that the very wing that we were in, possibly the door next to the one laura was in, was the room where he and my mother found out they were having twins. he explained to me that they were enjoying a late dinner in ipswich when my mom began to experience discomfort, so he immediately brought her to anna jaques hospital in newburyport. an ultrasound was taken, where the doctor said to my dad, "do you hear that..." and my dad said, "two heartbeats." and those two heartbeats were not the baby and my mom, but us. their twin girls. 

and here we are. twenty-two years later. back in the same place. 

seeing my sister scared and in pain has to be the worst thing in the world. the great thing is though, i have great intuition/gut feelings. from the moment she called me and told me she was heading in, i knew in my heart it wasn't anything serious. and thank god, it wasn't. i do not want to jynx twin's new health, but after a day of sleep and chicken broth, she's good as new. :)

laura, my dear, please don't scare us like that again. i understand that you look adorable in a johnny, but let's just stay good. no more hospitals. 

love, meg

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