twin in the city

twin in the city

Monday, August 13, 2012

an attempt at camping. (part 1)

if i were to describe my weekend in one word, it would be soaked. just...soaked. 
all. day. long. 

plans for this weekend had been set for over a month, with a trip to the forks, maine for some lovely camping, rafting, and relaxation. we'll just say we never made it to that second 'r'. it all started with some bad luck on the drive up, when twin's boyfriend locked his keys in the car at a rest stop. lucky for us, the AAA man must have been lounging around in the parking lot, because it took exactly six minutes for him to arrive. 

and then...everything went down hill. (literally.)

we were on the last stretch of our drive, a 40 mile road that's known for it's winding turns, mid-road moose collisions, and absolutely-no-visibility-when-it's-raining. the visibility got so bad that we had to let a car pass us, and that was when our car went off the road. and kept going. the next thing we knew, we were practically vertical. with fear that the car would tip, twin and i took the only two raincoats and jumped ship. we did our best to help direct ben, but the tires just kept spinning while torrential rain soaked us, lightning striking less than a mile away. 

finally, a truck pulled over, and a man hopped out who happened to be a marine. i happen to think he was an angel. he sent his wife to the nearest convenience store to ask for a chain so ben's car could be towed out. a half hour later, she returned with no chain because all the stores in town were closed. we waited and waited in the rain, while countless cars pulled over asking if they could help. it wasn't until an 18-wheeler pulled over...that had a chain! the marine's wife held up traffic with a handy flashlight as the truck driver instructed ben and the marine. after an hour and a half...the car was back on the road. 

and so, the adventure continued...

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