twin in the city

twin in the city

Saturday, August 18, 2012

an attempt at camping. (part 2)

shortly after arriving at the campsite and sharing our tragic tale, i got the sense that something was missing. i mean...we basically survived the un-survivable. so many things went wrong. how could everything be back in it's place? that was when i realized i couldn't find my purse. my cute little bag all the way from italy. since the car was jam-packed with all of our camping "necessities," i was assured that my bag was in the car....somewhere. 

the next day was rafting day. saying i didn't know what to expect is an understatement. the moment i was handed a helmet, life jacket, and paddle, i asked myself what i was getting into here. all this talk of people falling out? rafts flipping? drifting three miles down river until someone can pull you back in? uhhh....

turns out, it was unbelievable fun. within minutes, we were hitting rapids and DRENCHED. our guide was extra funny, and we even got to pull over for a lunch that was cooked survivor style! i also never fell out. phew. (but came very, very close.)

when we arrived back at the campsite, it was too flooded to even stay the night. so, twenty of us split warm, dry, shower-equipped cabins. (what a terrible, terrible thing!) ;) by the next morning, almost everyone had left to go home because of the unfortunate weather, a day before the trip was supposed to end. and guess what? the sun was finally starting to come out!

since i still hadn't found my bag, i insisted we check the spot where the car went off the road. i remembered it being roughly twenty minutes from the campsite, and there being a "for sale" sign close by. i kept my eyes peeled as i scanned the road, looking for any sign of familiarity. and then...we came upon the spot. the tire marks were there to prove it. 
 and then there... buried under dirt and two days of rain, was my little bag. 
better luck next year? 

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