twin in the city

twin in the city

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

a wondrous evening in williamsburg.

after visiting the lowline exhibit in manhattan's lower east side (post coming soon), my friend hilary and i thought it would be silly to pass up a trip to brooklyn, considering the williamsburg bridge was steps away. the next thing we knew, we were surrounded by bikers, runners, and mesmerizing graffiti as we walked what felt like 10,000 steps to cross that thing. but those were some really happy 10,000 steps. the sun was setting, the manhattan and brooklyn bridges were glistening in the distance, and i felt my heart settle into a warm place that it hasn't in a while. 

because i wished you could have been there, twin.

we explored bedford ave, found an awe-inspiring repurposing store (with the cutest baby clothes, i might add), browsed bakeries, perused second-hand clothing shops, and enjoyed a couple crif dogs before grabbing the L train home. 

i've told myself that my next move once i graduate will be to move to brooklyn. the culture, the livelihood, the aesthetic, the uniqueness... there are too many wonderful words to describe this place. i absolutely love it.

all in all, my affair with brooklyn is becoming a dangerous one. i just can't stay away. (and don't plan to.)


Jenni Austria Germany said...

holy moly. these pictures are gorgeous! as is your hair.

megan golden said...

Thank you Jenni! :)

his little lady said...

That last shot is beautiful! I love the way you took these pictures, so artsy! :)
xo TJ

megan golden said...

Aw how sweet of you, TJ :)

The Naulus said...

Your blog is adorable, along with you. You make me wish I lived in the city... and then I remember all the people and traffic.