twin in the city

twin in the city

Friday, September 7, 2012

life in the city. (and fno)

even though this is (technically) our third year in nyc now, by no means are we experts on life here. just ask the countless people who saw us struggling on our walk back from whole foods today, having to stop just about every twelve feet. (what can we say, we like fresh veggies even if they are three blocks away!) i can't say that things have gone as smoothly as planned (or hoped) this far, but we're doing our best, and that's what matters...right? ;)

if we are being honest here, i'm sort of terrified i'm not going to find a job. and classes are proving to be a little more work than i expected for my senior year. and the city seems even more expensive than i remembered. but i've been trying to tell myself to just live life, day by day. everything will work out. everything will find it's place. in time. 

we caught the tail-end of fashion's night out last night, due to evening math class. (boo!) but we actually had tons of fun, exploring fifth avenue with sips of sparking wine here and there ;) next year, i want to check out soho or maybe brooklyn. 
side note: i'm ready for fall. i can't stand this heat any longer. it makes everything in the city so much less enjoyable. 

happy side note: have a wonderful, glamorous, happy weekend! 

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