twin in the city

twin in the city

Monday, September 10, 2012

so i've sort of been in a funk lately and i don't really know why.

i'm not sure if it's the expenses of this city, the uncertainty of my career path which has lead to a quarter life crisis, or that i'm in dire need of some organizational help over here...but i just haven't been overly joyed as of late. twin has noticed, and nicely pointed out that i just got a job so i should be more than pleased with myself...and don't get me wrong, i'm proud of that and everything, but i feel like my life is literally in a bunch of bits, and i've been trying desperately to gather them all into a nice little orderly basket which i just can't seem to do.

i just don't get how some people do they have it all together, all the time. and i worry that i won't ever be able to accomplish that. seriously, if any one wants to give me a tip or two, i'd really appreciate it. 

but it's sort of hitting me that i can't be this hard on myself. i just got back here two weeks ago...i don't have to have everything all perfect and pretty just yet. also, twin just called to tell me she walked past a homeless man, collapsed on the sidewalk. she told me i need to realize how lucky i am. 
she's right.

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