twin in the city

twin in the city

Thursday, October 25, 2012

happy (almost) birthday, twin.

dear twin...
you're almost 23! and... me too! gosh, where did the time go? i feel like a blink ago we were sitting at that table at the cheesecake factory with all of our friends, celebrating our 17th birthday. and now look at us. we've taken quite a bite out of this big apple. but more importantly... look at you. look at all you've accomplished. look at all you've become. i feel so blessed to share this wonderful, winding, crazy journey of life with you. and i'm enchanted to share this special day with you. this year, and every other.

i am so excited for this weekend ahead of us, full of love, fun, and great friends in the big city! (oh, and our secretive halloween costumes)

stay young. stay beautiful. stay positive. stay you.
happy birthday twin.
i love you.
with the kind of love that never runs out. 

forever yours,

p.s. our actual birthday is this sunday :)
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

walking around this city...

... about a thousand things will stop you, awe-struck in your tracks. 

here are a few that brought my city legs to a halt, this past week:
{1. a westside building smothered in fun polka dots}
 {2. pop burger. you'll be stunned by the amount of flavor in these little minis}
 {3. how the empire state seems to complete any photo taken in this city}
 {4. a sunset sky}
{5. a shiny ray of sun at washington square park}
{6. an adorable apartment outfitted for fall, vintage bike and all}
 {7. chelsea market's take on "spooky." look at those zombie babies!}
{ 8. a look downtown, snapped at a red light}
 {9. a hungry pumpkin in the meatpacking district}
 {10. bite size peanut butter cups on grapefruit froyo, after midnight}


what things have stopped you?

p.s. this is my 101st post! thank you so much for following along :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

twin's new internship.

can i just say, that twin has really stepped it up this semester? not only did she score the part-time job of her dreams (hello, west elm's newest visual merchandiser!), but snagged a fabulous internship, too! the darling letterpress company, fourteen-forty, has taken twin on as their blogger and social media gal. 

twin and i have (many) dreams, and one is to start our very own event planning business, specializing in wedding planning. so it's no surprise that twin is a little sweet on everything over at fourteen-forty. she comes home a little more inspired and captivated each day.

laura, i am SO happy for you, and i know you will sprinkle that magic fairy dust of yours on everything you do. you truly make things sparkle.

{if you'd like to read twin's first post, click here!}
{photos from}

Friday, October 12, 2012

taza and husband. (plus their adorable, sleeping kids)

upon waking up today to a fire drill that dragged twin and i out of bed and onto the street in our pj's... i had no clue that a dream of mine (my biggest dream, i might add) would come true. twin graciously accepted a visual merchandising position at west elm a couple weeks back, and was invited to a private book signing for joy cho of oh joy! blog. we quickly realized that her book is one i've been dying for, and is even on my birthday list!

the reason i've wanted this book so badly is because of a very special interview in it with my favorite blogger, naomi davis of rockstar diaries. i can't even begin to describe how much i adore her life, style, and little family. twin came across her blog a few years ago, and ever since...we've been beyond hooked. i've never felt so inspired by a human being before. taza is the reason i started this little blog of my own. 


twin and i arrive, i meet her lovely manager, and we peruse with a couple drinks in hand...hoping, just hoping that taza maybe might possibly be there. i mean, it made sense, right? she is featured in the book, and the book is about the success of bloggers, and she's just about the most successful blogger out there. and then out of the corner of my eye, who steps out of the elevator?  josh, her adorable husband. and then there was taza. with her adorable babies. the whole family came.

before we knew it,  twin and i were talking to josh about school, our bond as twins, and how much we love their blog. then he said, "have you talked to naomi?" we answered, "not yet," to which he said, "follow me." he then escorted us over to his beautiful wife, tapped her on the back, and asked the girls who were hogging her to give us a chance!

and then...twin and i talked to taza. it was crazy, because she asked us more questions about ourselves and our lives than we asked her! she was so sweet, and genuinely interested.  we asked josh to take our picture, and taza even called us beautiful!
naomi and josh are seriously the two sweetest people, so humble and in love! we're a little sad that baby E and samson were sleeping the entire time, but at least their parents are cool, right? ;)

Monday, October 8, 2012

a few recent new york treasures.

{a view that could take anyone's breath away}
 {an autumnal stoop on sixth avenue that says "stay a while"}
 {a baby pumpkin that happily sits on our kitchen table}
 {a chocolate chip milkshake in chelsea market, enjoyed on my lunch break}
 {a key, and a walk through the enchantment of central park}
{a west side moment that needed to be captured}


p.s. happy monday! and brrrr, new york. i'm not ready for mittens just yet. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

rainy blues.

because the rain hasn't stopped all week...
...a little bit of fun was in order.

Monday, October 1, 2012

my calendar has never been so happy. (well, since 2011)

so i've been a bit (extremely) busy this past week, and feel just awful about abandoning this poor blog. i'd like to say it won't happen again, but i also hate lying. between school and work, i'm pretty much running up streets and across avenues, with barely enough time for a bagel or even makeup for that matter. and i've been taking any chance i get to grab some zzzzz's.
but... today should be pronounced a holiday because it's the first day of october! october is very much my favorite month, because of all the cider, apples, pies, pumpkins, knit hats, and orange leaves it brings. oh, and one other reason.... it's me and twin's birthday month! 

we are so excited to see everything that this october has in store for us. by no surprise, we are at the point where we've really settled in to the city, although we wouldn't mind a changing leaf or two. come on, new york! haven't you heard of foliage? 
(a photo of that alluring foliage back home)

have a lovely week, and try to enjoy october as much as we do. :)