twin in the city

twin in the city

Monday, October 15, 2012

twin's new internship.

can i just say, that twin has really stepped it up this semester? not only did she score the part-time job of her dreams (hello, west elm's newest visual merchandiser!), but snagged a fabulous internship, too! the darling letterpress company, fourteen-forty, has taken twin on as their blogger and social media gal. 

twin and i have (many) dreams, and one is to start our very own event planning business, specializing in wedding planning. so it's no surprise that twin is a little sweet on everything over at fourteen-forty. she comes home a little more inspired and captivated each day.

laura, i am SO happy for you, and i know you will sprinkle that magic fairy dust of yours on everything you do. you truly make things sparkle.

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Laura Golden said...

This was the SWEETEST thing ever to read! I'm honored. You are my inspiration :)


patricia said...

so happy to have laura on board. :)

megan golden said...

she is so happy about it, too! :)