twin in the city

twin in the city

Thursday, October 25, 2012

happy (almost) birthday, twin.

dear twin...
you're almost 23! and... me too! gosh, where did the time go? i feel like a blink ago we were sitting at that table at the cheesecake factory with all of our friends, celebrating our 17th birthday. and now look at us. we've taken quite a bite out of this big apple. but more importantly... look at you. look at all you've accomplished. look at all you've become. i feel so blessed to share this wonderful, winding, crazy journey of life with you. and i'm enchanted to share this special day with you. this year, and every other.

i am so excited for this weekend ahead of us, full of love, fun, and great friends in the big city! (oh, and our secretive halloween costumes)

stay young. stay beautiful. stay positive. stay you.
happy birthday twin.
i love you.
with the kind of love that never runs out. 

forever yours,

p.s. our actual birthday is this sunday :)
p.p.s. check out twin's newest post over at fourteen-forty.


AlinaLoves said...

Happy Birthday to both of you, may you have a fabulous day tomorrow and the days ahead! Lovely to read such a positive post :)

megan golden said...

Aww, thank you!

Bev said...

What a great letter to your twin sister. I have twin brothers that just turned 25 and it's so cool to see the bond twins have. Happy Belated Birthday :)

megan golden said...

Bev, that's so sweet! And thank you :)

Anonymous said...

I have just come across your post and I am inspired. There is something about your writing that is very captivating and honest. I having been reading another blog for quite awhile but there is something very fake about it. It always my "dear friends" or "sweet friends" yet it doesn't seem sincere.

Thank you for your honesty. Your pictures are amazing.

megan golden said...

Dear anonymous,

I can't tell you the impact your sweet message had on me. I've been showing it to everyone I know! Thank you for reading, and allowing me to be me :)


Laura Golden said...

dear twin,

i love you back. every day.