twin in the city

twin in the city

Monday, October 1, 2012

my calendar has never been so happy. (well, since 2011)

so i've been a bit (extremely) busy this past week, and feel just awful about abandoning this poor blog. i'd like to say it won't happen again, but i also hate lying. between school and work, i'm pretty much running up streets and across avenues, with barely enough time for a bagel or even makeup for that matter. and i've been taking any chance i get to grab some zzzzz's.
but... today should be pronounced a holiday because it's the first day of october! october is very much my favorite month, because of all the cider, apples, pies, pumpkins, knit hats, and orange leaves it brings. oh, and one other reason.... it's me and twin's birthday month! 

we are so excited to see everything that this october has in store for us. by no surprise, we are at the point where we've really settled in to the city, although we wouldn't mind a changing leaf or two. come on, new york! haven't you heard of foliage? 
(a photo of that alluring foliage back home)

have a lovely week, and try to enjoy october as much as we do. :)


Me Leo Life said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful city, WOW!!

Great October Megan

xoxo Lelli, italian fashion family

megan golden said...

Thanks so much sweet girl!