twin in the city

twin in the city

Thursday, November 1, 2012

an unexpected week (ah!) at home.

well, who would have known that our choice to come home to massachusetts on sunday night would lead to a week long vacation? these birthday twins certainly didn't! 

i do feel a bit guilty...having had this relaxing, happy week at home while places such as nyc (as well as many other cities) were so harshly impacted by the wrath of hurricane sandy. my love and thoughts are with everyone affected. and my sincere love goes out to you, nyc. my second home. i caught a glimpse of a newspaper headline that read, "bruised. battered. not broken." of course, it gave me a special case of the chills. knowing everything you've gone through. there isn't any doubt that you will come back from this... as strong and resilient as ever. 

even though the week home started with a couple days of darkness, (roar to losing electricity!) many wonderful hours have been filled with family time, story telling, my favorite food spots, and hours upon hours of my favorite show.

{here are a few photos from today in downtown newburyport, ma.}
nyc, here's to hoping you'll be as happy and beautiful as newburyport in no time at all ;)

xoxo, m.

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