twin in the city

twin in the city

Friday, November 16, 2012


when i have a list of things to do that's longer than i'd like to admit, i seem to find anything... anything to make or fix or clean or do... just to avoid doing what actually needs to be done. silly and irresponsible, i know. but i'm the princess of procrastination ;)

so today when i finished organizing my jewelry, in order to avoid my philosophy paper that's due on monday, i moved onto tidying my desk drawers. yes --- the drawer i've neglected for over two months now that always seems to have something sticking out of it... that's how desperate i am to avoid homework. while sorting what to keep and what to toss, i came across a box that i stored all my pocket-sized mementos from europe in. restaurant cards, hotel keys, museum passes, train tickets, my school ID, a parisian receipt for that tasty baguette... and just like that, i'm back. walking those cobble stone streets with twin, laughing over a glass of tuscany's finest red wine, lugging our groceries forty minutes across the arno river in order to save a few euro.

i miss my time in that enchanting old world city deeply, but i know i will be back someday. and that's saying a lot, considering my unbelievable fear of flying. :)

firenze, i miss you and i love you. you'll forever be in my heart.

{photo above from angelina's in paris, one of coco chanel's favorite coffee shops}


Quinn said...

When you go back share the photos.

Leigh said...

Seems magical...