twin in the city

twin in the city

Monday, November 5, 2012

sesame street workshop.

on our birthday weekend, twin and i had the magical privilege of touring the sesame street workshop in nyc! our friend amanda (who fits right in i might add --- she's a ray of sunshine!) is the luckiest girl in the world, because she actually works there.'s her full-time job. ugh, so jealous. 

she brought a bunch of us (including her brother, our dear friend adam) on the sweetest tour of the offices, which honestly may beat out disney world for happiest place on earth. we passed incredible chalk art around every corner, peeked into elmo's office, and jaw-droppingly gazed at a slue of emmy awards. no big deal, right? ;) 

and then, we got presents! elmo water bottles, cookie monster notebooks, bigbird bags... my golly, we were in sesame heaven!

my favorite part of the visit had to have been in the elevator, when twin asked if elmo had been in it before, to which an employee answered, "yes, many a trash bag."
aren't these chalk drawings so impressive?

 when you step on big bird's feet, the characters appear in nearby picture frames and start talking :)
 twin mentioned she liked snuffy. so... she was given a snuffy of her very own.
(em and ben enjoyed him, too.)
big bird was leaving feathers everywhere! ;)
twin and emily enjoying some cute company.
oscar, emily, and me.

amanda, thank you SO much for showing us around the workshop. it may have even been my favorite part of our birthday weekend :) 

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