twin in the city

twin in the city

Friday, December 28, 2012

christmas time in massachusetts.

 the weeks leading up to christmas always seem to go by far quicker than any other time of year. it's like, by christmas eve you are finally getting into the holiday groove, and then poof, it's gone. i do have to say though, that i most definitely felt the christmas spirit once i got home to massachusetts. somewhere between being visited by the ghost of christmas past, creating the empire state building out of graham crackers, and laughing until my cheeks were jolly at festivus, i felt like the spirit of this beautiful holiday was squeezing me with the most loving squeezes. 

here are a few (lot) of tid bits from my time at home, thus far:
 i'd be lying if my said my number one reason for loving winter wasn't tights. especially glittery ones like these. 
 adding a little dazzle to your mani will 100% make you smile every time you look down at your hands. try it! 
 santa's little helper.
 christmas day glitter skirt with a little leopard.
 running in the gusting rain for this was... SO WORTH IT. (17 state street cafe in newburyport, ma.)
 a yummy seaside dinner on salem's wharf. 
 cute take-homes in salemdipity: salem, ma. 
 six eyes. (twin's boyfriend, ben.)
 scrooge and "tiny tim." (ben's brother)
 friend cuddles. except that's me with twin's boyfriend. sorry for the confusion. 
 and...that' again. with twin's boyfriend. :)
 the cutest little speedy additions to our gingerbread new york city. baby cop cars made by twin. 
 me. (and twin, if you look closely.)
 because...he's back. 
and this is what trees covered in christmas lights taken from a car going 40 mph looks like. 

i hope your holiday was as scrumptious, love stuffed, and toasty as ours!

*top photo is sadly not my tree, it's ben's family's. 


Laura Golden said...

Meg! This post was so amazing because I got to live through all of our magical December moments once again :)

I love you. (and you look gorgeous in that holiday dress.)


Pat said...

I like the sparkly nails.

Thierre said...

Cute stuffed toy.