twin in the city

twin in the city

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

if we're being completely honest here...

whoever decided that monday was the worst day of the week should take a walk in my tuesday. today has been one of those i'm-embarassed-to-be-me days. one of those days where you make yourself two hot dogs for dinner and eat dessert (tortilla chips) in bed. our place is so disgraceful currently that i bet a homeless person would pass up a free night's stay. but at least... laundry is done and it's only partially thrown on top of our desks! that's progress if i know it. ;)

everything started to go south today when i found myself running home to avoid getting sick all over one of my school's computers, thus missing one of my finals. (luckily my professor is a sweetheart and is letting me take the test tomorrow.)  

with the excitement of going home for six whole weeks in just six short days, i've resorted to throwing out dishes instead of washing them, concocting meals out of a slew of ingredients that have been sitting in our cupboards, and reassuring myself (more than normal) that our place can look like the big bad wolf huffed and puffed and blew everything down..... i mean, we're out of here! right?


Hala Salem Achillas said...

Hi, I really hope you feel better ! I had this kind of day on monday ;)
the pictures of NY in your other post are very very nice
xo Hala

Pascale said...

oh no, shame, yes, not a great tuesday!
Hope its all better and that you are now snug at home!