twin in the city

twin in the city

Monday, December 10, 2012

over the weekend...

twin and i were so happy to welcome our older sister and mom to the city this past weekend! although things didn't go quite as planned, we had an absolute blast and wouldn't change a second. a few of our favorite things from their stay:
as soon as they got in, twin and i took them to shake shack in madison square park. we had never been to this location, (which is the original one!) but had always wanted to, considering it's outdoor seating and beautiful surrounding area. besides the pesky squirrels that will run across your table in hopes of stealing your crinkle cut fries, i don't have any other bad things to say about grabbing lunch here :)
next, we waddled down to abc home - so twin could show us around the store that is home to her new buying internship! to say i was blown away is an understatement. this place has the most stunning visuals and interiors i've ever seen (and yes, i work at anthropologie!) everything about its look and feel was so effortless, sustainable, and airy. i know that twin will do wonderful things for this company, and i'm so excited for many visits!
 we ended our night with magnolia bakery cupcakes, such a sweet little treat! (i got the vanilla with buttercream, um...YUM.) and of course, we had to steal a peak of that tree at rockefeller center. i'll tell you, i think i'm on my way to feeling that christmas spirit ;) 


the next morning, brooklyn bagels was a must. i was so happy to share my love for their olive cream cheese with my sister sarah, since she was the one who got me hooked on the flavor about ten years ago. our last stop was teuscher chocolates over on fifth avenue, where we dropped an unmentionable amount of money on these yummy swiss treasures. my favorites are the "butter" and "cocoa" chocolates. you'll be lost somewhere in the heavenly alps for the full 15 seconds that they last.
what are your favorite little spots around this big city? i'd love to hear!

{to our friend meaghan who snapped this photo of us ever so sneakily... you're a doll!}

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