twin in the city

twin in the city

Saturday, December 29, 2012

two thousand twelve.

twenty twelve was without a doubt the most incredible, unbelievable, magical, awe-inspiring year of my life. i got to explore a new continent of the world, and through that, discover a whole new part of myself. i got to spend my last summer before graduation doing the things i adore with the people i love. i got to return to nyc after nine months away, with a brand new appreciation for it...
 all with my twin.

here are the highlights of this sparkling year:
(warning: there are many)
 twelve flights that took me from america, all around europe, and then back home. (this view of the alps distracted me from my flying anxiety for at least two minutes.)
 an up-close-and-personal view at ms. mona lisa. louvre, paris. 
a trip to the top of the eiffel tower, on valentine's day. need i say more?
a cold and rainy but "so worth it" shot in front of notre dame cathedral. 

 hot chocolate with new friends in coco chanel's favorite shop. (angelina's, paris) there were many more highlights from paris, such as nutella crepes and croque monsieur ;)
 twin time in a london phone booth.
holding up the leaning tower of pisa, while barely breaking a sweat.
visiting the tiny town of montepulciano in italy's tuscan hills---and having the opportunity to see this historic building which was home to twilght's volturi in "new moon." this was honestly a dream come true for me.
 taking in every bendy, cobble-stoned street that enchanting italy has to offer.
 visiting barcelona and seeing an original banksy. 

 and then staying up all night, just to see this.
 welcoming twin's boyfriend into our little italian apartment for two weeks. 
soaking up the grecian sun on the island of corfu, and kayaking to nearby islands with my friend hilary.
exploring the five mediterranean towns of cinque terre on spring break. 
ogling unapologetically at the shore of nice in the french riviera. i'm sorry but... what shade of blue could ever beat that?
 climbing to the top of my new favorite town on earth, the medieval village of eze.
 a boat ride into the blue grotto in the amalfi coast. you can't see them in this picture, but the water is actually full of jelly fish! 
 cruising through the "bacio" hole in capri.
 and then looking down at capri. unreal. 

 sun-burning in style. positano, amalfi coast.
 visiting the uncovered ancient city of pompeii
 horseback riding for the first time of my life, in the tuscan hills. (me riding horse, not pictured.)

finding "the sandwich lady" in florence, my home away from home. 
when brother came to firenze. :)
 an evening carousel ride in piazza republica, florence. 
peering up at juliet's balcony in verona, italy. 
completing the most consuming, engaging, and just plain tough semester abroad. (there is actually no intended sarcasm here, FIT in florence is no walk in the park)
simply...making friends of a lifetime
 flying into ireland
 visiting the one place that's been at the top of my bucket list: cliffs of moher. 
 and then finding the house that my grandfather grew up in 
with the help of distant relatives that took us into their own irish home. 

 and then ogling (again) over the view from his backyard. 
after five long months apart---finding our parents in vatican city, rome. a touching, loving moment that will stay with me for the rest of my life. 
 and of course, the trevi fountain (anyone seen the lizzie mcguire movie...?) :)

 a surprise "welcome back to america, twins" party with all our favorite faces. 
 a summer full of boat rides, long night drives, and many cheers.
 a sunset from sunset drive, plum island. 
 a (second) summer visit from this guy. 
 attending the summer concert series at castle hill. ipswich, ma. 
 watching a castle hill wedding, from afar. 
 ending summer with a camping trip cursed by the rain gods, 
and a purse that spent a night away from me...
 moving back to new york, and happening upon this quote in washington square park that continues to give me chills, every time i read it. 
 trips to this yummy nyc treasure for snow cones with kenny. 
siting across from a few notables in the fashion industry at NYFW
 turning 23 with twin.
 experiencing the famous frozen hot chocolate from serendipity
strolling down nyc's highline park many, many times. 
 a walk across the williamsburg bridge.
meeting naomi davis (taza) of the rockstar diaries, along with her husband and littles. (anybody who knows me even slightly knows how much i adore her blog. twin and i still pinch each other in disbelief.)
a visit to the sesame street workshop!
autumn, at home in massachusetts.
christmastime in one of the best cities on earth to experience it---nyc. 

(and this is me, chuckling at the thought of trying to top 2012.)

if you'd like, click on the pink links to read about each of these sweet memories in detail :)


The Modern Mode said...

cute pictures! :)) wanna follow each other?



Daisy said...

can't wait to see you back in the city! :)

megan golden said...

Can't wait to be back!


AlinaLoves said...

Oh what an AMAZING year you had! I looked at all the photos you posted and just smiled to myself - they sure must bring a tonne of beautiful memories. I hope 2013 started off equally great for you and your twin! :)

megan golden said...

Alina, you're too sweet! It was indeed a magical year, and I have high hopes for 2013 ;)


Quinn said...

It must have been a beautiful experience.

Pat said...

Lots of cool places. Lovely memories for you.

Thierre said...

May you have many more like that.