twin in the city

twin in the city

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


for anyone who is a fan of disney world, i politely push you to take a trip to mont tremblant, canada. this cozy little village nestled into a slew of mountains is the closest thing to magic i've experienced since my days with mickey mouse. although it is known for its ski mountains, festive lights, and toasty hot chocolate, the first time i ever visited was in the summertime. since then, i spent a couple nights for new year's of 2011... but it wasn't until this past week's seven night getaway that i truly fell in love with the winter wonderland that is tremblant. 

 it all started on saturday morning when we made the eight hour journey from massachusetts' mild air to quebec's tundra-esque aura. six familiar faces and myself joined up with a group of seven others, and made a snug suite our home for the nights to come... cooking family dinners together, playing card games, making toasts, lounging in hot tubs, and laughing more than i thought possible. 

days were filled with freezing runs down the mountain and frosty eyelashes, afternoons were stuffed with delicious local restaurants and peeks into shops, while evenings were complete with the calming taste of red wine, snowy walks, silly dancing, and many cheers. 

by the fourth night, the thirteen of us felt more like a family than a group of friends. i couldn't have asked for a better group of people to experience this sweet week with. 

i've been saying this since the moment we arrived, but the only way to describe a stay in this village is to compare it to living in a snow globe. this little world is constantly being shaken just the right amount, allowing little sparkling flakes of snow to flutter through its perfect atmosphere, leaving an inexplicable warmness in your heart, as well as a dusty coat of white on its cobblestoned streets. hotels, restaurants, and store fronts are painted in bright reds, oranges, greens, and blues... all blending together from the mountain's summit to give the illusion of a quaint, lively town too perfect for everyday life. the sunsets each night behind the stretch of snow-covered mountain leave the sky an unthinkable hue, retiring into a blanket of twinkling stars.

i can't wait to make this trip an annual one, and to maybe try to ski more than one day next year ;)

and to everyone on the trip - thanks for making it one i'll never forget.

xo, m