twin in the city

twin in the city

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

when london was calling.

this is a little video that twin put together, compiling bits and moments from our weekend stay in london last february. 

i can't quite explain what it does to my heart. 
every time i watch.
 it brings me right back.

now twin, will you please make more little videos like this one? 
i want to be able to relive more of our amazing adventures. 


a weekend at home.

 so... somewhere between a visit to my favorite bar and a much awaited for plate of cheesy scrambled eggs this weekend, i found myself at a beach house... you know... on the beach. in february. going home for the first time since moving back to nyc was something i both itched for and dreaded at the same time. there's something about giving in to what we really want that we seem to resist... like staying just on the cusp of happiness without completely diving in helps us to look forward to tomorrow. like that feeling just before your favorite show comes on, or when you skip that song on your ipod because it's too special to hear all the time. well, that's pretty much what home is for me. it's happiness. it's love. it's surreal, at times. forgive me if you've already lost me, but things that i truly enjoy i find myself staying away from, at times. because giving into them can be dangerous in a way, especially if you have to leave them. especially if you have to say goodbye. the people and places and feelings at home are so special to my heart, and i don't want them to get in the way of my focus on a career here in new york city. 

so i'll dream of those summers, and think of those warm hugs, and focus on finishing this last semester.

until next time, home. 
i'm sorry about our complicated relationship at the moment.

but... isn't that how all the best ones are?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

mid-week daydream.

hello wednesday.
today, you have me sitting in the stuffy computer lab at school...
when i'd much rather be back here:
in italy.
on the mediterranean.
about to enter the blue grotto.

(life is unfair)

sincerely, m.

for a more detailed look back, click here.

Monday, February 11, 2013

tids + bits.

the twins are back at it! we're back in this crazy, noisy, magical city... ready for whatever this new borough of ours throws our way. living in brooklyn has definitely been "different"... a bit more cultured and distinct than manhattan, but we've become accustomed to this new neighborhood we live in, and are happy to call it home. not to mention, our new place is without-a-doubt the coziest little corner on the block. if you don't believe us, come see for yourself :)

{here are a few tids and bits from the past couple weeks}
 our roommate's birthday was no mini celebration, even though her cupcakes were ;)
 i couldn't decide which view i enjoyed more while taking part in this little dumbo soiree: the trendy living room, or the empire state's dancing colors through the window.
 it took twin all of two minutes to transform 10x12 feet into a little wondrous oasis
 our first walk home from the L train lead us directly into a shimmering winter sunset. 
 thoroughly jealous of this little fireplace's home... in my roommate's bedroom. 
 yes, these would look great in our new place. ;)
 that night that twin's hair looked out-of-this-world. 
 a shot of soho during our one week stay in little italy. (thanks again, victoria!)
 twin's heart is so, so big. i hope that valentine is for me!
 hopping on the subway after a fun and fashionable day at the office.
 an indulgence during a lunch break. 
 our first brooklyn snow.
 a little look at our rooms. please don't judge us. yes, our mattresses are on the floor. we haven't gotten everything figured out just yet. :)
 the view of manhattan from a subway ride into the city.

have a happy, happy week.