twin in the city

twin in the city

Monday, March 4, 2013

a little look around the apartment.

last friday marked our 'one month' here in our new brooklyn abode, and i must say... this place is finally starting to look like the kind of spot you'd want to come and stay a while. well, at least i would :)
lucky for twin and me, our third roomate (and dear friend) sarah has exceptional taste. see that fluffy pillow? yeah... that's mongolian sheep fur. need i say more? and she also has this amazing skill of finding adorable furniture on street corners. you know, like trash. that white chair is a DUMBO find, and it's west elm! i'm loving the eclectic, chic feel of our little space so far.
aren't twin's windows just darling?
it's been my dream to have a space with as much potential as this one. high ceilings, dark hardwood floors... oh the opportunities are endless ;)


Anonymous said...

i'm so excited at how much our little place is coming together :)

beautiful photos, twin!



megan golden said...

thank you sweet girl! so happy to share it all with you :)


& Pretty Things said...

i cannot wait to see it in person. xo

& Pretty Things

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

What a great space! Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

hi babycakes,

LOVE this space. i'm signing the lease on my new place (just the boyfriend and i - what am i thinking?) next week. if my place is even half as cute as yours, i'll be living like a queen. we should go home shopping/trash searching soon and bedazzle our homes together! also, nick (the boy) works in williamsburg. i didn't know you loved it so much there. i'm there way too much (but never enough) and we know all the good spots. come out with us! you too, laura my love.


megan golden said...

leigh my love!

i can't stop smiling from your adorable words. yes, let's bedazzle. and yes, i want to meet this boy! and i would love nothing more than for you to show me your favorite little spots. i just forwarded this to twin because i know how much she will enjoy it. i have visitors coming this weekend and then spring break but the weekend i'm back, i'm yours.


Anonymous said...

Your apartment looks awesome. Must be expensive??