twin in the city

twin in the city

Monday, March 11, 2013


dear weekend, thank you for being simply incredible. or should i say... dear melissa, thank you for coming to visit! it's a very sweet feeling to go months without seeing someone so dear to your heart, and to then have them grace you once again with their amazing, awe-inspiring, uplifting presence.
 we really lucked out with the gorgeous weather that decided to show its face here in nyc, which allowed us to leave our winter jackets at home as we explored the soulful streets of my favorite neighborhood in brooklyn (and quite possibly in new york)... williamsburg. after a tasty mexican lunch for two, we stepped out onto the colorful streets and popped into boutiques and concept stores, all while this camera of mine was basically jumping out of my hands, screaming, "ooh stop riiiiight here!" or "is this actually real life right now?"
every inch of these streets is so effortlessly cultured and artful and inspiring. and that sunset behind the williamsburg bridge? well, that was basically like new york grabbing me and giving me the biggest hug. i'm impatiently excited for a summer here, with free time to explore and discover all that is truly amazing.
new york... you have done it to me once again. you've stolen my heart. i love you.


Marie said...

Beautiful photos! The streets look so fun and artsy. Love your outfits too :)

Laura Golden said...

who's that cutie in the red pants! ;) i can't believe i missed out on another williamsburg weekend! i can only imagine how amazingit will be in the spring.


Unknown said...

Great pictures!! so happy the weather was nice, spring will be here any week now, excited to see more pictures :)


& Pretty Things said...

Can I spend a day in Brooklyn with you? :)

megan golden said...

Daisy, you just say when ;)