twin in the city

twin in the city

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

and just like that... it's spring.

amidst all the homework, subway rides (i think i spend more time down there than above ground), and shut-eye when this chaotic schedule allows it, the trees starting budding little baby flowers...and the sky turned this beautiful shade of blue...and the air decided to smell almost sweet if you can get past the ever-present nyc street corner stink. all of this could mean only one thing... spring is coming.

well heck, it's here.

and this spring, it's a special one. twin and i graduate college in nearly a month, and with that comes a new, very exciting chapter in our lives. after five years of college, i'm beyond ready to take that part of my time and brain that school has stolen, and focus it on starting/doing/building the things i've always wished i had the time to. this list goes on for miles, but it starts with yoga, going to sleep at a decent time, learning how to cook (it's about time), reading one book a month, crafting with twin and our roommate, and ends with much, MUCH needed devotion to this little, very dear corner of my heart. this blog. 

above all else, i'm elated with the thought of finally giving this space the attention it deserves. i have so many ideas that make my heart beat out of my chest when i even think of them, and i want this little blog to go back to a daily escape and outlet for me, the way it was when i was living in italy. doing this...writing, sharing photos and moments and memories that i hold close to me... it's my favorite thing to do. really.

thank you endlessly for stopping by and for leaving sweet comments. i can't express how happy it makes me. 

and here i go... back to the ol' grind. but i'll be back soon. i promise. 

xo, meg.

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Marie said...

Enjoy the beautiful weather and flowers! Btw you should take a vacation after u graduate! ;)