twin in the city

twin in the city

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

this city is...alive.

 for too long i've waited to throw that winter coat into the farthest corner of my closet and see those sad tree branches outside my bedroom window turn lively and green.... and just like that, in almost a blink of an eye... this city came alive. everything is bright and light and airy. i'm not sure who exactly is in charge of the parks here in new york city, but they should get some sort of award, because in my twenty-three years of life, i've honestly never found myself as awe-struck or dazed by the beauty of spring. the flowers in central park and madison square look too good to be real, and the light posts seem as if they were placed just around every corner to confuse people like me if they are in new york city or a mystical narnia. i'm so happy to have been swallowed up by the beauty of this lively season, and i hope you've had the chance, too.
{photos from bryant park and madison square park}

Saturday, May 4, 2013

casually electric.

top: h&m dress: h&m boots: italy necklace: buffalo exchange bag: h&m sunglasses: zara
i was feeling a bit electrified when i walked out of h&m a couple weeks back, having scored this great edgy t-shirt and bright cross-body bag. i knew both of these pieces were versatile, and that i would be surely grabbing them both all summer long. i've always been big into layering, even in the warm months... so i knew this shirt would see a 100 different cominations by summer's end, but also prove to be a comfy, cheery go-to all on its own. the maxi length is great for this first peek at spring, since it keeps me warm during night walks home from the train, and also doesn't blow up everytime i pass a subway car. ;) that's gotten old fast.