twin in the city

twin in the city

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


 this memorial day, the goldens (plus two little golden-holts) headed to the seaside abyss of ogunquit, maine. for as long as i can remember...and then through photographic proof before that... this has been our family's go-to when the weather starts to warm. this little oceanic town is nothing short of enchanting. i swear, each year when we visit... i'm certain i'll spot a mermaid skimming the atlantic, floating around the occasional picturesque sailboat in the distance. the views are some of new england's best, and the shops and restaurants are crafty and oh so sweet.

the best part though, has to be the marginal way. this path dangles above the ocean, hugging the shoreline and offering sea sights for miles. along the way, jaw-droppingly gorgeous homes, young and old, will stare at you... and you'll wonder who could possibly afford them. ;)
and one little yellow house, with the greenest lawn and the brightest flowers, has a sign on its back porch that says, "dreams do come true." and every time i see it, every time i read it, every year... i believe it, even more.

{goldens! (minus twin, who's taking the picture)}
 {twin stole my camera, and next thing i knew... this shot was captured and i just can't even wrap my head around how beautiful it is. wow, twin.}
 {the little yellow house. (the sign is worth seeing for yourself)}

and then... dad fed lylah a lemon and it was the cutest thing i'd ever seen.

if you ever have a day to explore maine and love the ocean as much as i do, mosey over to ogunquit!


Unknown said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures!

alisialynn said...

What a quaint little seaside town. I have been dying to go to the eastern seaboard!! GREAT photos!

xx, alisia e

jamie-lee said...

Not only do you have a way with words but your photos are stunning!

R's Rue said...

Classic Americana!
Love it!

Mariana said...

This are lovely pictures, honestly, they catched my eye ! im now following you for more updates on your blog , if you have the chance to visit my blog as well Id be very very happy !!! Please tell me what you think

megan golden said...

thank you all so, so much! :)


Maria at inredningsvis said...

What a lovely post:) I like your blog Do you have twitter or fb??

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Have a great day dear

LOVE Maria from

Anne Hill said...

wow what a gorgeous location!