twin in the city

twin in the city

Monday, July 22, 2013

newburyport, by night.

going home this past week, i made it my mission to fit all my favorite things about a new england summer into a few short days. some may call it a challenge, but after successfully making it to the ocean and our favorite river, hopping on a friend's boat for a ride with the sunset, eating brunch in the mountains of new hampshire, and catching the most unbelievable shooting star from plum island ... i call it a success. :) this being the first summer "away," i knew the five days that twin and i got to spend at home, taking in our favorite starry blanket of sky and walking those familiar cobble stone streets would leave us nostalgic for summers past, but also so, so happy for this one. right now.
a couple nights in, twin and i switched the air conditioning out for windows down...and drove the windy, out-of-the-way-but-so-worth-it route to our favorite seaside town, newburyport. here are a few shots that twin and i captured, on that ninety-degree, mid july night:

{raspberry sorbet and state street}
{the boardwalk, and one adorable boat that was spending the night}
so thanks, summer thirteen. you may be half over, but you're living up to your heavy expectations. i hope you get to catch a shooting star this summer, too. if you really want to see one, come on over to plum island beach after midnight. every single time i've gone, i have seen at least one, no lie! i swear, there's something about this place. ;)

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