twin in the city

twin in the city

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


on a sunny sunday, the golden's woke at the crack of dawn (okay, 7 o'clock...) and hit the open road until we found ourselves in the white mountains of new hampshire. twin and i have been nicely begging mr. golden to bring the family up there for weeks, so it was a treat to feel my ears pop and to enjoy a deep breath that didn't fill my lungs with new york city smog. 

we made it to polly's pancake parlor, just in time for brunch. my family has been coming to this quaint, farm hugging restaurant since twin and i were little babes. i have the fondest memories of this place, and i know i'll bring my own family here for pancakes too, one day. 

 our waiter had worked at the parlor for the past fourteen years...and he started when he was fourteen years old. that's the kind of people that this place attracts. the kind that want to stay a while. it was pretty amusing to have him as our waiter  and to hear my parents share stories of all the times they have come to eat. he even took my dad's video camera and taped a behind-the-scenes look at polly's! i haven't had the pleasure of watching it yet, but he filmed for a good five minutes, so that must be some pretty decent kitchen footage. ;)

although they since retired the donkey that twin and i sat on as kids...this is still pretty exciting for us. :)
if you'd like to check out polly's with your own family, here is where you can find it. i highly recommend it, and to possibly skip the pancakes and go for kathie's famous ham, cheesse, and apple sandwich. :)

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Stylishlyme said...

I love the colors in these photos! The flowers are so pretty and the grass so green