twin in the city

twin in the city

Monday, August 12, 2013

sweet street.

dress: urban outfitters (it's twin's, she let me borrow!) shoes: h&m
i can't decide what i adore more about this dress... the fabric blocking, or the sweet geometric detailing. but i guess i don't have to choose. :) although i am constantly rummaging through twin's closet (a perk of having a body double), my eyes have been especially googly for this little summer dress. its delicate pattern mixed with its sharp intricacies make for an unexpected yet completely beautiful look. oh, and these wedges were marked down like three times at h&m, so i snatched them for $10!
what styles are getting you through summer?

oh and p.s.
i'm welcoming the thought of fall for maybe the first year ever, solely because of what this new york humidity is doing to my hair. (see above)


Marie said...

Love this dress!! You look great! ;)

honestly, b. said...

Love the dress! And I agree—this heat is making me look forward to fall, but your hair looks great!


Catherine Fishback said...

Love those shoes and PS, your hair is nothing short of amazing. Lovely blog!

Catherine (your newest follower)

Unknown said...

I am definitely looking forward to fall as well! Love this outfit and photos!

nehk63adoi said...

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