twin in the city

twin in the city

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

occ meets key west.

a couple weeks back, i was lucky enough to be invited to a riverside summer party, key west themed. twin's relationship with her boyfriend has left the both of us with some pretty incredible people in our lives, and there's nothing better than a day like this one...where we get to celebrate that. this little country club (oldtown country club = occ) has been an oasis for us the past half decade, and summer simply wouldn't "be" without it. here are a few photos from the event, along with a breath-taking sunset that always seems to finds its way to retire behind the parker river.

at one point during the night, between that delicious tartar sauce that was made with pineapple and some serious boogying on the dance floor, we caught ourselves looking into the future. there's no doubt that thirty years from now, we will all be right back there, enjoying the simple and most magical parts of life together.
a couple more posts from this summer's end...on their way! :)

{photos by twin and me}

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