twin in the city

twin in the city

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

making. wishing. marveling.

Making: time. when i can, i'm letting myself know it's okay to sloooow down. when i step out of work at 6 o'clock or i'm brushing my teeth, i remind myself that although i live in this crazy! city, it's important to take moments for yourself, everyday.
Cooking: a lot of pasta. what can i say, those months of italian living have stuck with me, and i hope they never go away.
Drinking: more water, and less snapple. okay, trying to drink more water and less snapple. :)
Reading: blogs. escaping through them, finding new things i want to create and places i want to visit.
Wanting: to feel more relaxed and at peace within myself, and not just on the weekends.
Looking: into joining yoga. i took my first class ever last week and although it's an expensive hobby, it's excercise for your body, mind, and spirit...and that can only have amazing effects.
Playing: in washington square park on sunday afternoons. there's something so alluring about a walk past that fountain and the sound of that very talented man on the piano. it can do a sunday good.
Wasting: money. i spend way, way too much money! when i do out the math, on average i can drop $30 a day between breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the occasional cookie. there is absolutely no need for this, which is why twin and i made a special trip to trader joe's market last night, packed our lunches today, and decided that tuesday will officially be grocery shopping (and lugging) day!
Sewing: nothing. but i have a few loose buttons that i need my roommate to fix up. :)
Wishing: that i'll find unexpected magic in the bundling seasons ahead.
Enjoying: my apartment. the aesthetics and homey feel have really been coming along lately, with the new mauve wall and recent thrift finds. twin has also been bringing home goodies from her new job that have cozied up our bathroom quite a bit.
Waiting: for my birthday at the end of october. but not really because 24 sounds professional and mature, and i'm still 17 at heart.
Liking: how twin just started her new job that is literally a block from my work, so we get to commute to and from work together, and meet for lunch. (which we will be packing, and bringing to the park!)
Wondering: when i'll fall in love.
Loving: the fact that i finally found the time to finish watching one of my favorite tv series, one tree hill. and how the final episode left me crying, and keeps me dreaming.
Hoping: that me and twin's dream to open a store will become a reality. one day.
Marveling: pumpkin flavored everything.
Needing: to need less.
Smelling: the candles twin and i light just before bed.
Wearing: my cowboy boots...too much.
Following: my dreams. well, trying. trying to not lose sight of them.
Noticing: that people work hard, everyday. it's an adjustment to switch over from five-year college student to full-time office girl. and i'm not working nearly as hard as most of these people who devote their lives to their work.
Knowing: that i won't settle for anything less than true, pure happiness. i don't know how long i'll be living here in the city, and where i will end up next. but i know the second i'm not happy here, i'll leave.
Thinking: that i need to live in the countryside at some point.
Bookmarking: amazing vacation spots.
Opening: my mind to being more patient, sharing, and giving with twin.
Feeling: that this little post was exactly what i needed.
{so happy i came across the daybook blog's list}


& Pretty Things said...

I loved reading this post Meg :) I still need to come visit you in your Brooklyn abode, and coffee date soon? Miss you and twin! x

mywhiteT said...

This outfit is flawless! Love that the you popped the outfit with the red flats, it funks up the whole look.